I have recently re-re-discovered Iranian music that mixes traditional Persian sounds and rhythms with jazz, funk, reggae, blues, rock, and other styles. One of these amazing bands is called “Abjeez” – a band made up of two sisters: Safoura and Melody born and grown up in Sweden. The word “Abjee” in Farsi means “sisters” which is where they got the name for their band. Most of their songs are sung in Farsi, but they also have songs in Spanish, Swedish, and English. However, what is really amazing about Abjeez is that their lyrics are filled with social commentary such as social and culture issues in Iran that connect to universal human issues in general. Not only do they both have beautiful voices, but the cultural blending of different styles and traditions renders a sublimely powerful music.

You can find a few samples of their music from their new album called “Perfectly Displaced” on Youtube and also on Grooveshark:


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