The Q Center’s Past and Present

In 1999, student activists sent a letter of concern to UW President Richard McCormick regarding the lack of institutionally supported safe spaces for lgbtq students. The Q Center opened in 2005 after six years of planning and development.

The Q Center today is the only professionally-supported resource, advocacy, and mentoring center for lgbtq students and lgbtq concerns at the University of Washington. It provides consulting for various departments on campus with regards to bolstering safety and respect for lgbtq students, and also coordinates numerous programs, social organizations, and educational initiatives. The size and diversity of the Q Center’s services has grown significantly in the short time it has been operational, and this rate of growth has been matched by increasing interest throughout the campus community in the Q Center’s mission.

The Q Center is mainly funded by the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs through the Services and Activities Fee. Your contribution will help the Q Center and its staff to expand the scope of its existing services and to innovate new ways to serve the UW community and foster greater compassion for all communities within it.

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